Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(dated Dec.13th 2006)


In recent times i have become more sexually active. In order to
maintain safe,responsible relations i began taking Ortho Tri Cyclen
Lo.I did a fair bit of research and shopping around to find what
would suit my body and personal needs the best. I am highly active
with multiple partners and the efficiency of this particular brand
of control is now coming into question. I have been on it for
approximately 5 months (give or take) and I have still impregnated
several girls. Am i using the product incorrectly ? Like i mentioned
i DID alot of research on the product and assumed i made the right
choice, but pregnancies aside (as nothing is 100% effective)
i have been suffering from sporadic mood swings and a
severe decrease in mass in the testicular region...if you could
respond with some advised it would be greatly appreciated !

Anthony Morris
CEO of complaining about useless things INC.

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