Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(dated Dec.15th 2006)

( i present them with the idea of Communism...
with a new name...)

1st off i would like to start this letter to congratulate you on your ongoing efforts in the middle east. These efforts are not going unnoticed or unappreciated. I write you with just a small sudgestion that would make your greater goal much easier to achieve. With so many countries and so many languages it is apparent that several messages are not relayed as they were ment(lost in translation). I think that the UN should vote on an official language for the organization as the primary form of communication! (you seem complex problems sometimes require simple answers!!!) Once you are unified under one language you would have to elect a leader(or president)for the UN,as all countries are not equal you can have someone to mediate which ideas need to be adressed in order of urgency. I believe I have a great understanding about the current situation the world is in. I am willing to greatfully accept the possition of president of the United Nations. Please seriously consider my offer to take this job as i have a vision of a greater world! Where there is no Rich or Poor. Where all Men and women can sit at a table equally. Where everyone can posses the same things,and earn the same money for work! I call it "EQUALISM" (genius isn't it ?)

Awaiting Hopeful,

Anthony Morris
CEO of Complaining about useless things INC.

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