Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(Dated Jan.14th 2007)



My name is Anthony Morris...and i have an addiction. Well APPARENTLY i have one. i don't seem to find in to be a problem, but if i'm writing you then i'm beginning to question it myself. My roommate approached me in this last week, almost an intervention if you will. I am Highly addicted to "Febreeze". This is not a joke, i go through a bottle a day just spraying on on a cloth and smelling it! I didnt see anything wrong with it, its a much better alternative to regular air with all its smells and such...but its now starting to become a problem in my work place, i work in an office and others around me are having a problem with it. My boss had me in his office Friday afternoon to discuss this but i cant really find a way to stop...This may sound like an odd request but do you have anything, informations, alternative substance, SOMETHING that can help me ??? i will include my email address in hopes of a speedy response.


Anthony Morris
CEO of Complaining About Useless Things INC.

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