Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(Dated Jan.28th 2007)

Gerber baby food letter

https://www.gerber.com/contactus dated 01/27/07

Dear sick sick people!

im writing you in hopes to stop the intolerable cruelties that YOU are responsible for. Ive seen advertisements for too long asking people to submit there children to be Gerber babies. Who is the individual who ground the 1st baby into that nasty-paste. Have we learned nothing from FOOT AND MOUTH disease ? If we feed our human babies other babies were no better then the machines (the ones that grind them into gerber food) We are living in an age where we should feel safe for the well being of our children. How do millions and millions of people do this daily and still feel like good people when watching the 5 o'clock news ??? BABY MURDERS the whole lot of them!

Anthony Morris


P.S. I do really enjoy your product! I just think eating babies should be a choice
made by a responsible adult, and not forced onto you from the time of birth.

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