Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(Dated Jan.21st 2007)

Royale toilet paper letter


I believe every family has a person preferance as to what toilet paper they use.My whole life ive used your Royale kitten soft brand, but it only got me so far...i began thinking where did the referance "kitten soft" come from ??? I mean wipping your ass with a fluffy kitten isnt as plesant as it sounds, trust me on this one. First off they make ALOT of noise, and secondly good luck getting away without a scratch (no pun intended) Isnt there any kind of laws against animal testing ? Is there no justice in the world ? FREE OUR KITTENS! why should they suffer while you fatcats make money?(again no pun intended)do you think in cat world they wipe the asses with people ??? no! they lick them clean! as should we me friends...as should we...

Anthony Morris

CEO of Complaining About Useless Things INC.

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