Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(Dated Dec.14th 2006)
***Spelling and grammatical errors intentional due to nature of the letter***

LETTER TO MENSA (club membership is IQ based)

Spending countless hours surfing the internet,taking logic test to
exercise my cranium (though occasionally for self plesuring pornographic
material) i have recently been enlightened with the exsitance of your
organization. I'd be delighted to be a member of such high statue and
continue to sastisfy my ever hungrier for knowledge. It has come to my
attention you have experts in most every field immaginable! I have become
well know in the paranormal community with irrefutable evidence of
the Rowsell cover-up. In september of 2005 i was able to infiltrait the
compounds and steal an actual youth alien corpse (or possibly a human
fetus, either way, with that i can confirm illigal stem cell research). With my
hand now on the table, i think we can both agree i would be a highly valuable
asset to MENSA.

Paitiently awaiting your response,

Anthony Morris
CEO of Complaining about useless things INC.

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